Vitro Naturals Sugar Balance+Juice 500ml (Pack of 2)

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Sugar Balance+Juice combines promising herbs and nutritional supplements in a unique formula which may enhance the immunity naturally. It contains 17 herbs to boost our immune system.

Some important herbs used in this Juice , See how useful to our body Tulis Juice, Gular, Amala, Giloy, Neem ,Harad, Jamun, Karela, Bahera,& kundru

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Vitro Naturals Sugar Balance+Juice 500ml Key Ingredients

Tulsi Juice: Tulsi has Antioxidant properties, reduces blood glucose level, thus it is useful for diabetics, reduces total cholesterol levels, thus it is useful for heart disease patients. Tulsi reduces blood pressure and  does have analgesic ( pain killer) propertie. Tulsi is Anti-viral, Anti-bacterial, Anti-tubercular, Anti-fungal, Anti-malarial properties.

Gular Juice: Heals fractured bones and wounds,Improves skin tone and complexion,cleanses and disinfects wounds,heals wounds,– Relieves burning sensation, as in gastritis, neuropathy, burning sensation in eyes etc– useful in patients with fainting disorder.

Amla Juice: Amla juice provides strength to heart muscles, which is a best remedy to treat heart problems. Amla juice helps in giving relief from constipation.

Giloy: Guduchi has been proven in the laboratory to reduce the blood glucose levels and that too in a significant way. If you are a diabetic patient, you can use guduchi to lower the blood sugar levels.

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