Vitro Naturals Certified Trifala Juice 500ml

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Triphala is a combination of three very powerful fruits that are known to posses intensive health benefits. Triphala iswidely used in Ayurveda medicine and the three fruits that comprise is are Amla,Haritaki and Vibtritaki.


  •  Relieve haemorrages

  • Helps to improve your digestive system and acne

  • Assists in curing Anemia, Gall stones, & Gastro-intestinal conditions.




  •  No added sugar.

  • Without artificial colors and flavors.

  •   Processed from full mature fruits.

  •  Packed in food grade container under hygienic condition.

  • We provide measuring cup for proper dosage.

Manufactured in fully air-conditioned processing unit which has modern State-of-theart manufacturing facility. Vitro Natural Triphala Liquid Herbal Supplement is process under strict surveillance of our quality control unit members to avoid any kind of unhygienic tampering to our product.

Dosage: 30 ml. twice a day before food.

 Available Packing Size: 500 ml, 1 Ltr

Since this is natural product may vary in color and consistency. It will not affect the quality of the product.

Triphala Powder e1516966762186 - Vitro Naturals Certified Trifala Juice 500ml

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