Vitro Naturals Certified Organic NONI JUICE 500ml

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Brix – Approx 9%

Helps to maintain a healthy cholesterol level, which is alreadyin normal range
Helps to maintain healthy immune system.

Noni juice is derived from the fruit of a tropical evergreen plant called Noni (popularly known as Indian mulberry). It is a shrub native to Southern and South-East Asia and the Pacific islands, and is even mentioned in ancient Ayurvedic texts. The fruit of the noni has been used medicinally to boost the immune system and detoxify the body for thousands of years.

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Key ingredients of Vitro Naturals Certified Organic NONI JUICE 500ml


Botanical Name: Morinda citrifolia L.

Noni grows in shady forests as well as on open rocky or sandy shores. It reaches maturity in about 18 months and then yields between 4–8 kilograms (8.8–18 lb) of fruit every month throughout the year.

Noni fruit is rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, Vitamin A and Iron. Noni juice is said to be a magical drink as it affects so many bodily systems positively. Some of them includes:

a)Lowers Risk Of Gout

b) Improvesquality of skin

c) Cures Athritis

d) Reduces Stress

e) Boost Immunity

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