Vaadi Heena Shampoo with Green Tea 110 ml

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Superbly Smoothing!!

An ideal formulation for dry and frizzy hair, this shampoo effectively repairs the cuticles while cleansing the hair. Heena adds shine and strength to the hair; while Green Tea Extract restores dry and damaged hair; prevents split ends; and smoothes frizzy hair.



Henna  helps bring back the lost health of your hair and repairs damaged locks. Henna restores the acid-alkaline balance of the scalp without affecting the natural balance of your hair. Henna is a very good conditioner. It covers each hair shaft and builds a protective layer that safeguards the strands from damage. Regular use of henna makes your hair thick and strong by locking the essential moisture in the hair.


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Dimensions 26 × 20 × 16 cm



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