Vaadi Corn Rose Conditioner with Hibiscus 110ml

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Ultra Nourishing!!

Ultra nutrient rich conditioning formulation, this product is bound to give you hair that is healthy & beautiful. The mineral content of Corn Rose & Hibiscus Extract moisturizes & nourishes each strand from root to tip; increase hair elasticity and repairs damage.The result: your hair is stronger, softer and shinier!!

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Papaver rhoeas or Corn Rose is a species of herbaceous plant of poppy family called Papaveraceae which grows every year is known to have excellent moisture retention capability. The extracts of this Corn Rose when added to the conditioner make it butter soft and when applied on strands of hair, finely seep in and smooth the hair texture. The presence of alkaloids makes Corn Rose potent mind relaxants. With frequent use, the minerals in Corn rose will give your hair volume which makes them bouncy and a strikingly beautiful shine is forever on your hair. The texture is smooth and frizz free. Corn Rose extracts balance the moisture content of the scalp after hair wash and replenish the lost oils almost instantly providing for a healthy and gorgeous mane.

Corn Rose

Being on a little acidic side, Hibiscus is a great hair cleanser that also strengthens the roots making hair fall stop and greying subside. Scalp disorders are a thing of past if you are treating your hair with Hibiscus extracts as they scrub off dirt and impurities off the scalp. Adding volume to your hair, Hibiscus Extracts make hair shine amazingly. A beautiful red tinge is seen on light colored hair. Hibiscus Extracts deeply condition hair follicles and strengthen them facilitating hair growth.


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Dimensions 10.4 × 4 × 1.5 cm


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