Biolife Lifodent Gum Paint 15ml

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Effective Treatment for Bleeding Gums, Toothache, Pyorrhea & Gingivitis. Lifodent Herbal Gum Paint gives you 12 hours of protection from germs. It is treatment of painful gum disorders, inflamed and bleeding gums, teeth pain and irritation.

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Each ml contains extract of Potassium alum 0.05 gm.
Curcuma longa linn 0.01 ml. Syzygium aromaticum linn 0.07 ml.
Cupram Sulphas 0.01 gm. Anacyclus pyrethrum D, C 0.05 ml.
Cinnamomum camphora  0.01gm Nees & Ebem 0.02 gm.
Mentha spicata linn emend neth 0.04gm. Azadirachta indica ajuss 0.05ml.
Glycerine base 0.70 ml. Propylene glycol 0.125%
Permitted preservatives used.

Indication : Bleeding gum, Gingivitis

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Dimensions 10 × 5 × 10 cm