Biolife Protonn Malt

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Protonn Malt revitalizes immune system and enhances the activities of Nervous system. It has strong anti-oxidant and hepato-protective effects. PROTONN MALT is a health supplement for all age group including during convalescence, after surgery, in wasting diseases, during pregnancy, in growing children and in geriatric patients.

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Each 10gm. Contains extract of : Ashwagandha 100 mg.
Shatavar 100 mg. Bidarikand 100 mg.
Vidhara 100 mg. Amla 100 mg.
Mulethi 100 mg. Arjuna 100 mg.
Dates 50 mg. Gangeran 50 mg.
Vasaka 50 mg. Gokhru 50 mg.
Giloy 50 mg. Base : Liquid glucose and malt Extract.

Indications: Health Supplement

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