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Biolife Leucolife 60 Capsules

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Leucorrhoea, also known as the White Vaginal Discharge discharge is a very common condition that has been experienced by most of the women of all ages, at some time or the other in their lives. This is because of the fact that the female genitals are extremely highly prone to the infections because they are moist and also remain covered at most times.

Leucolife an ayurvedic proprietory formula made up of multifaceted herbs which helps to stop excessive discharge from vagina and to make the female body more stronger & healthy without any side effect.

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Each Capsuls contains: Gandhak Rassayan 05mg
Ashok Chhal 200mg Gambhari 20mg
Lodhra 50 mg Patla 20mg
Dhataki 50 mg Khadir 20mg
Udumber 20 mg Haridra 20mg
Gokshu 10mg Vidang 20mg
Lauh Bhasm 10mg Palash 20 mg

Indication : Leucorrhea, White Discharge

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Dimensions 10 x 5 x 10 cm


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