Baidyanath Leuconil 50 Tablets

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Leucorrhoea is commonly known as WHITE DISCHARGE. It may be due to any specific pathology or due to poor health & unhygienic condition of the female genital organ. This discharge may be vary from white to radish or thick and viscid with or without foul smells due type of infections persists. In normal cases it may be appear just before or after menstrual bleeding.

Leuconil is very helpful for treating leucorrhoea and other problems of the ovarian system. Leuconil contains all natural ingredients that have been used in ayurveda as relaxants, analgesics, anti-inflammatory agents, anti-microbial and stimulants.

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Key Ingredients:

Badi Elaichi : Medicinally, the seeds are credited with stimulant, stomachic, alexipharmic (having the quality or nature of an antidote to poison) and astringent(Wound Healing) properties, and are prescribed for the treatment of indigestion, vomiting, leucorrhoea, biliousness(Characterized by an excess secretion of bile), abdominal pains and rectal diseases. The oil from the seeds is aromatic, stimulant, anti-inflammatory and it is highly active against growth of keratinophilic fungi(Skin infecting fungi)


Vidhara: The root is bitter, aphrodisiaca (a substance that increases libido when consumed) diuretic, and is used in gonorrhea, leucorrhoea, rheumatism and diseases of the nervous system. It is also used as a tonic. The plant is used along with other ingredients to cure sexual disorders in males and female.

Ashwagandha : Ashwagandha is included in many combination formulas to treat a variety of ills. It is being promoted as an aphrodisiac. A natural anti-inflammatory agent, Ashwagandha helps to reduce the discomfort associated with leucorrhoea and arthritis.

Ashwagandha is said to be useful in the treatment of inflammatory conditions, ulcers, and scabies when applied topically.

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